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Here are a few facts about  Candidate/Employee/Technician accounts are free.  Just click on the Register button on the Jobs page and fill in your information.  No one can see any of your information.  You use this account to store your resume file, photos, or anything you would like to attach to an application.  When you apply for a job, the employer that has the job opening will get your application sent to their account.  They will be the only ones that sees your application.  You get to do all of this for free!  Plus, when a job is posted online, you don't have to be online to see it.  The job will be sent to the email you registered with your account.  Now you will be notified as soon as a job is placed.

An Employer account is also free!  With an Employer account, you can place a job opening you have.  There is a charge for the job placement advertisement.  That cost is $5.00 per day.  Our shortest time period for a job placement advertisement is 5 days.  You can put your job opening online for just $25.00 for 5 days!  Once you have an Employer account with, you will sign in to your Dashboard.  From here you will place your job openings and review the applications of the Technicians that responded to your job posting.  You can decide to print the application for your records, or just leave on in your account.  You'll be able to view the applications anywhere you can sign in to your account.  After you get your job position filled, you can leave the job in your account.  If you need to run the job posting again months or years later, you won't have to type the information again.  It will be saved in your account.  Just Register for your Employer account, which is free, and then sign in to your account to see your Dashboard!

If you have other questions or comments, please use our Contact form below.