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Automotive Repair

Automotive Repair photograph on CollisionIndustryJobs.ccom.
Mechanic photograph of a Sales Person.
Sales Person photograph of Sales Manager.
Manager photograph of an Automotive Technician.
CollisionIndustryJobs.ccom photograph of an estimator.
Estimator photograph of a Receptionist.
Receptionist photograph of accounting.
Accounting photograph of a Sales Manager
Sales Manager photograph of associates.

Running an Automotive business is tough in today's economy.  Trying to find qualified people to work in your shop is even harder.  With you'll have the best way to advertise for positions you have available in your shop.  We offer a free account for employers.  Once you register, you'll be able to log in to your dashboard.  You can place your job posting for as little as $5.00 per day!  Your best value for placing a job opening on the Internet!

For the Technician/Mechanic, and the other positions in an Automotive Repair shop, register for a Candidate/Employee account.  Like the employer account, this Candidate account is FREE!  You will be notified of jobs placed on sent to the email you registered your account with.  Never miss another opportunity because you didn't have time to search the Internet.  Once you get your account, just sign in to your dashboard.  Your information is safe on  The only ones that will see your information will be when you fill out an application.  No one else will see your information, just the company placing the job opening.  Get your account today!