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Automotive Glass Repair

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The Automotive Glass Repair Industry services a large market consisting of the public, fleet services, automotive dealerships, collision shops, and auto malls, just to name a few.  To replace a windshield, back glass, side glass,  or other automotive glass, takes numerous people.  From the receptionist, sales person/associate, estimator, manager, technician, and accounting, several people are needed.  If you are looking for a job in the Automotive Glass Industry, be sure to Register with!  You will complete our simple registration process by completing a simple form.  If you would like to attach a document, photograph, or other digital information, you can do that too!  All of your information submitted will be in your account.  No one will be able to access your personal information.  If you respond to a job and apply for it on, the process will be faster and simpler with the information from your personal account.  Only the Employer of the job you are applying for will have access to the information you provide to that particular job.  No need to continually search for a job once you have an account.  One of the benefits to your account is we email you all job openings as soon as they are posted!  You decide what jobs you want to apply for.  If you don't get an account with, you can just bookmark our jobs board page.  

If you are an Employer or Manager of an Automotive Glass Repair shop, and need to post a job, register an account for your facility.  The account is free to have and use for storing applications.  From this account, you can review all the candidates that responded to job postings your company has made using  You can decide to leave the applications online in data bank for future reference or print them for storage at your location.  You make the policy.  Plus, by placing your job opening with, once the job has been filled, you can keep the job posting archived.  If you need to fill the job again in a few months or years, you won't have to type the job posting again.  Just go in to your Company Dashboard on and purchase the amount of days you want the job posting to run.  It's that simple!  Join today by registering your Employer account.  Your account will be available instantly.  Then Login to your Employee account and explore your Employer Dashboard for yourself.  We look forward to helping you with the job openings that come up in the course of running a business.